The Hard Truth About Marrying Someone Indocumented

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Love and Immigration


The one word that can change your life upside down in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes it’s just one look.

Other times it may take a while to take hold.

But once it does it’s game over!

It all sounds great, however what if there are hidden legal issues at stake?

If your new love interest is lacking legal documents to be in this country there are many things you need to pay attention to. If you do not you will most likely end up with a broken heart.

Falling in love with someone that is lacking immigration papers means that you cannot travel outside the US borders with your new beau.

It also means that you need to slow down. Don’t let them pressure you into getting married quickly. This may be a red flag that all he/she wants is to marry you for his papers. So many people are fooled into marrying someone thinking they are in love only to find out they were used!

This happened to someone I knew.

Their love affair was full of passion and tenderness. She thought “this is it!”, I will never be alone again. A week after they were married she found out he still had a relationship with his “ex-wife” and intended to bring her over to the United States. She quickly filed an annulment but just like her there are many others that do not find out until much of their life was wasted on someone that did not truly love them.

Talking with Mariela from Inmigracion Xpress from Hialeah Florida I found out that most immigration family petitions costs around $800.00 and upwards if you hire an attorney. Also the USCIS just brought their prices around 30% higher on most of their processes.

My advice is to really take your time and make sure it’s real love. My brother told me once that love had to be tested; and I think this is specially true for a relationship with someone lacking legal residency documents.