Life as I know It

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This is life

I know many people do not think that Taylor Swift is super deep, and I used to agree, however there is a song of hers that has hit a chord with me lately.

Yes…Shake It Off

I am 44 years old and you would think that I am immune to stupid drama from haters, but it’s kind of hard when it’s your own sister.

Yep. My one and only sister is my one and only hater.

Why would you say?

Because she feels like I am my mom’s favorite.

At least that’s what she says.

It’s so sad that in this day in age people just can’t get over that not everything is about you. And the funny thing is that we used to ┬ábe super close.

But it’s all over now. Specially because I am doing more than well, and she hates it. She loves being the one making all the money, flaunting her Mercedes and huge house in Fort Lauderdale. She gloats on how much she loves her daughter but gets mad when my kid’s pictures gets more likes than her and unfriends anyone that liked my pictures but did not push the button for hers.

Ahhh, oh well!